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My 2021 Goals and Expectations

Updated on 03.23.21

If there is one thing we have learned from 2020 is to “expect the unexpected”. We all had our goals and plans set for the year. “2020”, was such a cool number that it was meant to go amazing for all of us. Right? But the years had other plans for us.

We were forced to revisit what was truly important in our lives. To restructure the way we live and think and act around each other and away from each other.

We were forced to rethink our goals and adjust them to the new normal and even eliminate some that were unattainable now. I had goals of my own, especially with my art. Five big A2 complete color pencil pieces. Each one thought through and through. I only made two before life was thrown out of balance. I had to settle to make the next 3 smaller scales. Of which I only accomplished 2 before the second rollercoaster hit me (laid off).

It made me rethink how I am going to tackle the goals for next year. I could do a 365-day challenge. But I know that is not realistic. You never know what will happen next. This time, I chose smaller goals spread throughout the year. I ended up with about 8. Upon further review, I realized that it was too much for a busy life with a toddler. I reduced my main goals to 5, and anything else is a bonus. Each goal with a 3rd of the expectation I had for 2020.

📖 Reading

Every year I have a reading goal. Well, almost every year. But a year without reading for me felt… empty. So I now make it a point to read more. However, while I could easily read 40 books in a year. I realized this expectation the busier I get was just making me not want to read. So this time I settled for 21, for 2021. That means at least 2 a month. Of which 14 will be in Dutch as my main goal this year is to reach the C2 level, this hand in hand with my new job.

💪 Exercise

I struggled for two years to get back to the fitness I had before becoming pregnant. The last big took longer and will not get off me. I was starting to resign to the fact that my body did change and will never return to what it was. That was until I discovered weights. I started strength training because I was scared of what a second pregnancy will do to my back and hips if they are too weak. I did not want to be in pain every day again. The only way to prevent that is to have a stronger core. Stronger arms as well, to handle the care of 2 children. Thus, my body went back to its original shape a month into strength training for only 15 minutes every other day. That is why I want to keep this up, and I must continue because my body feels best when I am strong.

🧀 Dutch

This one speaks for itself. My current level is around the C1 but far from C2 on the European Scale. I can read anything in Dutch and watch movies, news, documentaries, and so on. Writing and using the language still needs more practice after spending so many years in an English-speaking company. Just like with English, I need to get into the flow. Once I master the writing and speaking levels at C1, I know I am just steps away from C2. I am not sure how I will tackle it. The minimum is to write my journal entries in Dutch (also the way I learned English). The rest will include things like books, series, and so on. Maybe I even start a Dutch mini-blog.

👩‍💻 Coding

This one is also self-explanatory. But would love it if I managed to at least a great part of my journal app by the end of the year!

  • entries
  • images
  • template use
  • display in a “dashboard”

Any later implementations will be depending on how far I go. I am still working on my first project after all.

✍ Blog

This is also new for me. Now that I have knowledge about SEO and quality content, I want to use this knowledge and see how it works. By writing on this blog, I am curious about what the impact will be with the techniques I found. That is also why it is 20% only, because it is only year one, and I am not aiming at becoming an online superstar.

There you have them. I am actually keeping track of these goals on my goal page.

Do you have similar ones? I am curious to know! Share them with me through the comments. 😄 Let’s make 2021 together count!

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