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Hello World, let’s begin!

Hello! First of all, thank you for reading these words. I am not sure where to start writing this blog. However, this is needed. I’ve always kept blogs for self-reflection and sharing my passions. This, however, is the second blog dedicated to learning and growth (the first one being when I began learning Dutch).

Why a blog?

A few reasons. Covid-19 took a big chunk of my life. Losing a job I was working so hard for making me rethink how to spend my time. Should I go back to the hotel industry? Or should I try something different? I could get any job in the hotel industry with my current experience. But I love learning, a job in the hotel industry meant doing that which I am already comfortable with. If I am to start over and given the tools and time to do so, I want to do something I’ve always said I regretted not doing. Coding.

Back in 2000, I enjoyed learning about HTML and CSS. I built my websites from scratch using my art as the base. Nothing fancy, but definitely cute, back in the pixel-art days. As time went by I stopped learning due to the many tools that later became available, like blogger and WordPress. I also had my studies and a life I was building. For 15 years I kept going forward, always forward. Now I can choose my path, I want to learn to code again. My partner planted the seed in my head which made my heart flutter (and I always follow my heart). He kept mentioning a few other options but my heart kept fluttering to learn programming.

The journey began by deciding the language. I went with Java. Why? Python is simpler, yes, I’ve seen it and I see why it is so. However, I feel dragged towards Java like a magnet. It is more challenging, and once I learn it, I know the rest will come easy. I am not naïve, I know this is for the long run. The plan is to get a job in the IT industry and keep learning, nonstop. Will I become a Back End developer? Front End? Full Stack? Am I that smart? I do not know. All I know is that I can learn, and I will start this path without hesitation. The possibilities are now endless!

This blog is meant to document this journey. Who knows? Maybe I end up coding my blog down the path! Though I have other ideas in mind first to practice. I applied to 2 Java courses, one starting in November and the next in June 2021. This along with online learning and practice practice practice. I have an idea about computer sciences, but I decided, while I wait, I will start with the CS50 course online to get familiar with the modern vocabulary and slangs and way of thinking. But I am itching to start learning Java!


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