Technicalities of the week

After some time of hiatus, I feel I am finding again my flow. Finalizing my projects, so I can continue with the ones I want to continue (*cough* reading app, *cough*). Learning about DevOps (which is ambiguous but also not…) Falling in love with the terminal, git, and Linux (fluctuating between Fedora, CentOS, and Ubuntu 😫) And feeling very proud of myself for this huge leap of brain power. Which I am amazed of, after a very busy month, my break and relax time was dedicating myself to my learning. Wondering in between if I am getting addicted. Creating mental notes to take pause and play with my kids.

So I decided to write this entry to collect all I have been accomplishing:

Playing around with Linux distribution systems. Trying to see which to keep. Though my course advised CentOS due to employability, I am realizing in the end, once you know, you know and in the end it does not matter. However, I am trying to stick to terminal only OS in order to learn, and save my poor computer the space. I do use Oracle Virtual Box and I have no idea what I am doing, but I am SO happy I can make and break without breaking my real computer! There are moments I am getting frustrated or scared I am breaking something, and then I remember… oh, it is virtual! And my alarms calm down.

I decided to start using Obsidian again, while backing it up to github repo cause:

  • a. I finally understand git commands and SSH keys!!! πŸŽ‰
  • b. I am paranoid since the time all my Obsidian files got corrupted. 😢
  • c. I can use API to call any file to display on a page! 😁

I learned to set up a web server and display a page on my domain! (If that link is strikethrough, it means I have it offline). I am looking forward to playing more with it and see all I can do. Still need to learn:

  • set up mySQL server
  • set PHP server
  • set up email server (because why not)
  • I just want to learn more about setting up servers and networking 😁

I finished (as finish as you can say) my first 2 official portfolio apps! One is to organize pictures and the other one to track our expenses. I mean official, because they are not just practice apps, but apps I made to actually use at home.

I am making slow progress on transferring all my blog posts to my new blog. Mainly because what I have left s a LOT of book reviews, for which I first need to update all the data. Then, I can fix the library page to look nicer and link to their respective reviews. Fun fact, according to calculations, I can read around 500 books more before I die. That’s a big list I hope to be able to maintain till the last day, given the world does not end. It might be more, as I am inspired by this guy.

I’ve also been watching plenty of DevOps videos and listening to podcasts, learning the slang, the train of thoughts, the latest and oldest, ideas and more. I feel I am finally assimilating the tech world internally and that makes me feel whole.

As a side bonus, enjoying the metaverse. I feel there are more caring and smarter people there than there ever was in Twitter X.

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