imSharingThis Status WordPress Plugin

Going back to the last post about a plugin for my library, I accomplished 2 things this week:

  1. Finally got to make the plugin I’ve been wanting to share status updates on my website. Not for social media. You can check out the code here. Feel free to use it. I do not want to bother putting it on the WordPress Plugin library until it has all I want. For now, it is a WIP for hobby moments. And I feel free to use it for random ramblings. I just need to figure out how to use it to replace my learning log by creating a second database without creating a second plugin.
  2. Another accomplishment was finally getting around the whole SSL-being-expensive thing. At least on my current host (Strato), who doesn’t allow Let’s Encrypt . Which is annoying. Turns out there was a way to set up sub blogs on subfolders instead of subdomains. So now my website is: My old URL will still forward to that one until it expires or I figure out what else I can do with it. Though I don’t think much. I rather use that money to buy more space here or a VSP with my current domain.

So there you have it! A lovely week for my blogs.

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