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imSharingThis Status WordPress Plugin

Going back to the last post about a plugin for my library, I accomplished 2 things this week: So there you have it! A lovely week for my blogs.

Technicalities of the week

After some time of hiatus, I feel I am finding again my flow. Finalizing my projects, so I can continue with the ones I want to continue (*cough* reading app, *cough*). Learning about DevOps (which is ambiguous but also not…) Falling in love with the terminal, git, and Linux (fluctuating between Fedora, CentOS, and Ubuntu […]

Javascript made easy with ChatGPT

Sharing my journey of consolidating my online presence onto a personal blog. Using ChatGPT’s assistance, I’ve unlocked a realm of possibilities. ChatGPT has helped me generate PHP and JS scripts, build APIs, and create custom forms, making my content management a breeze. Using JavaScript, where even my 0.1% proficiency, becomes a non-issue with ChatGPT’s support. Join me on this exciting adventure, and stay tuned for more insights into building an accessible and automated online playground!

Hello World, let’s begin!

Hello! First of all, thank you for reading these words. I am not sure where to start writing this blog. However, this is needed. I’ve always kept blogs for self-reflection and sharing my passions. This, however, is the second blog dedicated to learning and growth (the first one being when I began learning Dutch). Why […]