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Technicalities of the Week

Recent Technical Endeavors: For more detailed updates, feel free to check my learning log.

Setting up a web server with Apache and Linux

I’ve managed to establish a web server within my virtual machine. This setup enables me to host a website on my personal URL, granting me complete control over its accessibility. Through extensive trial and error, I’ve come to appreciate the distinction between public and private IP addresses.

Using SwingWorker to synchronize logs on UI

In this project, I’m almost done with one of my two tasks – updating picture metadata and organizing them into year/month folders. After seeking help from ChatGPT, I found a simple solution using the SwingWorker class in Java. It synchronizes and updates logs on the UI panel while the application runs.

Java Challenge: Word Reversal

“Suppose someone imagined a blue and white striped unicorn.” I began to work on some simple Java Challenges to polish my core java skills after spending so many months with the Spring Framework. This is the first one I wish to share: Word Reversal Challenge For this challenge, the input is a string of words, […]

Spring Boot 2.6.5 form Validation with Thymeleaf

It took me a while to get validation to work with Spring Boot, while with Spring MVC it was pretty straight forward. If you are using a different version of Spring, you need to know that some things do change, and this causes confusion when you are not following every single update. With Spring Boot […]

My journal project, JSON and API’s

This weekend’s project was the Google’s IP Geo Location API. I was actually searching for an API for location. Found several ones. Most of them outdated or not free. But Google had the best one I’ve found so far! I signed up and created my key. That was straight forward. What I did not know […]

Collections Breakdown

I am happy to say that I finally understand the Collections Framework and its purposes! It only took me… 3 attempts… and 8 months… but I got there! And I was surprised to see how much makes sense after understanding them. I made myself this cheat sheet. Might not be perfect, but it is definitely […]

Twitting from my IDE

As a break from learning, during the weekend, I try to make something instead of absorbing new information. I was a bit bored, so I decided to try my hands at twitting from Java. The first step was signing up as a developer in Twitter’s API page. It was a very interesting experience to call […]

Failures and Accomplishments

It has been 9 months since I began this journey. My goal is 2 years. I can’t believe how time flies! I’ve been so busy learning and enjoying the summer days that I have abandoned this a bit. But it is time to catch you up. I have been focusing on 3 main subjects for […]

My Java Progress Update

I am back! I was not gone. I was still learning a lot but finding it difficult to write anything meaningful over the mess in my brain. Today, however, I sit down to share my latest success and lessons these past 2 months. SQL World I learned a lot about SQL and applied this to […]

Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) in Java flow chart

I can finally move on. The past two weeks (exactly 2 weeks!) I have been dedicating my time trying to understand how Object-Oriented Programming in Java works. Though I am definitely not a guru yet, I feel much more confident with what I have learned. I have invested exactly 28 hours in this beautiful flow […]

How to use tutorials to learn how to program without falling into tutorial hell.

The tutorial hell, are you in it? When looking at videos about programming and becoming a programmer, I often find warnings about tutorials and not to get caught in the tutorial spiral. And I have to agree, as I often watched some to get an idea of what to expect, and most of them, I […]

How I created my first Java Project and why I will never finish it.

If I could offer one piece of advice that I have learned through this first month of coding is, pick one project, stick to it and keep building on / with it. The reason I keep using this project as simple as it might seem is precisely that it is simple. I do not have […]

Hello Java World!

When my boyfriend suggested I should learn to code, I did not even doubt my answer: YES! I did doubt how: “would I be able to?” However, after spending the first month getting up to speed for the Java course, my enthusiasm kept increasing. Reading the book the first time, I honestly did not understand […]

Finding the Rhythm of Algorithms

Week 3 of CS50 proved to be more of a challenge than I expected. I already separated more than the required time for it, knowing how much I needed to research to understand it. It was a challenge I embraced and was looking forward to completing. I will write a few blog posts on this […]

How I track my coding learning progress

I used to be a fan of notebooks. I was addicted to buying stationery I would never use. I still kind of am, but I haven’t bought stationary in months since the covid-19 pandemic. I loved having options to express myself and learn at the same time by applying different methods. It seems redundant but […]

CS50 Lesson 01

I felt much better after learning how coding came to be what it is today. At the end of the 1st lesson of CS50 I laughed at how we needed to come up with ingenious ways to define a key or code because we already used another. It does make it more confusing, but I […]