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My Library WordPress Plugin

I am so proud of this. It took me a few months to get it right. And wow… it was hard to mix PHP and JavaScript while not being able to explain this to chatGTP. It took less time to just google it. But it still helped with the manual work for the form, like, […]

Java ENUM with multiple values and record class

An enum class is like a list of predefined options that you can choose from. It helps make your code clearer and safer by limiting the possible choices to a specific set of values. It’s useful when you have a variable that can only have a certain number of options, and you want to make sure it’s always set to one of those options.

Website Content Manager with Google Sheets API and Spring Boot

Well here I am again! I’ve been busy lately with my main project, which I love! And an extra project called Baby #2 🎉. But I finally got to sit down and write a new-bie tutorial / post 😁 I have always wondered how I could load data from Google sheets and use it for […]