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Technicalities of the week

After some time of hiatus, I feel I am finding again my flow. Finalizing my projects, so I can continue with the ones I want to continue (*cough* reading app, *cough*). Learning about DevOps (which is ambiguous but also not…) Falling in love with the terminal, git, and Linux (fluctuating between Fedora, CentOS, and Ubuntu […]

5 simple tips to learn almost anything more efficiently

I began this blog to share my journey with learning. Learning takes time, and I am also passionate about sharing my tools to make every minute count. It is especially important, if like me, you are a mother to small children with many other responsibilities. Right now, I am still searching for a new job, […]

Living an Agile Life : how to apply the agile method in daily life

I spent the last two weeks on LinkedIn learning. Mainly focused on getting the hang of the Agile method via the learning path of “Become an Agile Project Manager!“. The reason for this course is to adapt to the current ways of working environments across different specializations. Regardless of the kind of company I will […]