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imReading API : Project Log #01

Repository Week 1 of officially starting (restarting) this project. I created the test database via and begun working on the entities, repositories, services, and controllers for basic CRUD functions. My brain kept rushing to also start on searching book titles, logs dates, etc. But I knew that I needed to force myself to focus. […]

Java ENUM with multiple values and record class

An enum class is like a list of predefined options that you can choose from. It helps make your code clearer and safer by limiting the possible choices to a specific set of values. It’s useful when you have a variable that can only have a certain number of options, and you want to make sure it’s always set to one of those options.

Website Content Manager with Google Sheets API and Spring Boot

Well here I am again! I’ve been busy lately with my main project, which I love! And an extra project called Baby #2 🎉. But I finally got to sit down and write a new-bie tutorial / post 😁 I have always wondered how I could load data from Google sheets and use it for […]

Java Challenge: Word Reversal

“Suppose someone imagined a blue and white striped unicorn.” I began to work on some simple Java Challenges to polish my core java skills after spending so many months with the Spring Framework. This is the first one I wish to share: Word Reversal Challenge For this challenge, the input is a string of words, […]

Spring Boot 2.6.5 form Validation with Thymeleaf

It took me a while to get validation to work with Spring Boot, while with Spring MVC it was pretty straight forward. If you are using a different version of Spring, you need to know that some things do change, and this causes confusion when you are not following every single update. With Spring Boot […]

My journal project, JSON and API’s

This weekend’s project was the Google’s IP Geo Location API. I was actually searching for an API for location. Found several ones. Most of them outdated or not free. But Google had the best one I’ve found so far! I signed up and created my key. That was straight forward. What I did not know […]

Collections Breakdown

I am happy to say that I finally understand the Collections Framework and its purposes! It only took me… 3 attempts… and 8 months… but I got there! And I was surprised to see how much makes sense after understanding them. I made myself this cheat sheet. Might not be perfect, but it is definitely […]

Twitting from my IDE

As a break from learning, during the weekend, I try to make something instead of absorbing new information. I was a bit bored, so I decided to try my hands at twitting from Java. The first step was signing up as a developer in Twitter’s API page. It was a very interesting experience to call […]

Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) in Java flow chart

I can finally move on. The past two weeks (exactly 2 weeks!) I have been dedicating my time trying to understand how Object-Oriented Programming in Java works. Though I am definitely not a guru yet, I feel much more confident with what I have learned. I have invested exactly 28 hours in this beautiful flow […]

How I created my first Java Project and why I will never finish it.

If I could offer one piece of advice that I have learned through this first month of coding is, pick one project, stick to it and keep building on / with it. The reason I keep using this project as simple as it might seem is precisely that it is simple. I do not have […]

Hello Java World!

When my boyfriend suggested I should learn to code, I did not even doubt my answer: YES! I did doubt how: “would I be able to?” However, after spending the first month getting up to speed for the Java course, my enthusiasm kept increasing. Reading the book the first time, I honestly did not understand […]

Hello World, let’s begin!

Hello! First of all, thank you for reading these words. I am not sure where to start writing this blog. However, this is needed. I’ve always kept blogs for self-reflection and sharing my passions. This, however, is the second blog dedicated to learning and growth (the first one being when I began learning Dutch). Why […]