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imReading API : Project Log #01

Repository Week 1 of officially starting (restarting) this project. I created the test database via and begun working on the entities, repositories, services, and controllers for basic CRUD functions. My brain kept rushing to also start on searching book titles, logs dates, etc. But I knew that I needed to force myself to focus. […]

Technicalities of the week

After some time of hiatus, I feel I am finding again my flow. Finalizing my projects, so I can continue with the ones I want to continue (*cough* reading app, *cough*). Learning about DevOps (which is ambiguous but also not…) Falling in love with the terminal, git, and Linux (fluctuating between Fedora, CentOS, and Ubuntu […]

Java ENUM with multiple values and record class

An enum class is like a list of predefined options that you can choose from. It helps make your code clearer and safer by limiting the possible choices to a specific set of values. It’s useful when you have a variable that can only have a certain number of options, and you want to make sure it’s always set to one of those options.

Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) in Java flow chart

I can finally move on. The past two weeks (exactly 2 weeks!) I have been dedicating my time trying to understand how Object-Oriented Programming in Java works. Though I am definitely not a guru yet, I feel much more confident with what I have learned. I have invested exactly 28 hours in this beautiful flow […]