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Technicalities of the Week

Recent Technical Endeavors: For more detailed updates, feel free to check my learning log.

imReading API : Project Log #01

Repository Week 1 of officially starting (restarting) this project. I created the test database via and begun working on the entities, repositories, services, and controllers for basic CRUD functions. My brain kept rushing to also start on searching book titles, logs dates, etc. But I knew that I needed to force myself to focus. […]

Technicalities of the week

After some time of hiatus, I feel I am finding again my flow. Finalizing my projects, so I can continue with the ones I want to continue (*cough* reading app, *cough*). Learning about DevOps (which is ambiguous but also not…) Falling in love with the terminal, git, and Linux (fluctuating between Fedora, CentOS, and Ubuntu […]

Website Content Manager with Google Sheets API and Spring Boot

Well here I am again! I’ve been busy lately with my main project, which I love! And an extra project called Baby #2 🎉. But I finally got to sit down and write a new-bie tutorial / post 😁 I have always wondered how I could load data from Google sheets and use it for […]