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Confession : I have a Spotify playlist for when I die

I’ve never harbored genuine fear for my mortality; rather, I perceive it as something inherently beautiful. The brevity and ephemeral nature of our time in this lifetime hold a certain charm. My belief in reincarnation further adds to this sentiment, casting a hopeful gaze toward what lies ahead. Despite this anticipation, there’s a tinge of sadness at the thought of leaving behind all that I’ve painstakingly constructed.

Throughout my existence, music has occupied a profoundly meaningful place. This has led me to curate a Spotify playlist over the years, each track a poignant reminder of my departure. The playlist encapsulates my perspective on life and serves as a beacon—a testament to the life I’ve led, aimed at kindling inspiration for those who will tread the path after me.

The playlist is named redamancy: a love returned in full; an act of loving the one who loves you.

Because this playlist is my love letter to life.

And hopefully I don’t have to use it until I am 120 years old, when I will fall into the eternal sleep listening to it.

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