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A while ago , 5 years almost to be exact, I wrote this post “Secret to a long, happy life”.

Today I was listening to DOAC with guest Dr. Attia, on what increases early death by 170+%.

They discussed various aspects of longevity, and for the most part, the conversation wasn’t particularly surprising. However, one aspect that stood out was their relaxed approach to nutrition, which I found quite reassuring. It’s essential not to become overly rigid in our dietary choices; instead, they emphasized the importance of maintaining a balanced and normal eating pattern.

Nevertheless, in the midst of the podcast, they delved into the concept of challenging one’s body, drawing parallels with how soldiers train for endurance and muscle-building. They emphasized that ultimately, pushing oneself out of one’s comfort zone is key. This reminded me of my own experiences, such as the discomfort I felt in my feet, likely a result of walking less barefoot since I moved to the Netherlands. Reflecting on a post I made five years ago, it’s clear that I need to overcome my own inertia and put an end to my laziness.

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